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Embed a video into an Artist's Profile page

Add videos to your Artist Biographies

Some galleries prefer giving a little more information about their artists to help potential buyers get to know more about their personal background. Some artists have a lot of 3D, moving installation or sculpture work, and would like a short video to showcase those works. You can use HTML Embeds to embed a video into an Artist page.

Most websites are built in part with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Many of ArtCloud's text fields can have their HTML edited to do specific things that the plain text editor (which allows you to just type text into a description box) cannot.

Where do I get a video embed code?

Video embed codes are not exactly the same as HTML. They contain a link or URL to your video, but using an embed code formats the video to appear on websites properly. Here are guides from two popular video sharing sources on how to find your video's embed code.

NOTE: Embed links cannot be acquired from video storage sites (for example, embedding a video using a Google Drive URL). They must be first posted on one of the platforms above to function.

Where to place your video embed code in your artist's profile

HTML allows you to modify content in more direct and specific ways than the ArtCloud Website Builder can. However, we advise someone with a knowledge of HTML and programming to make these modifications beyond simple tasks like this one. You can modify the HTML in an Artist description by navigating to an artist's profile and clicking the <> button above the Artist's biography.


Next, an editing screen will pop up. Depending on the amount of text in your description, you may see a lot of symbols that you don't understand. This is HTML! But as you look closer, you'll begin to notice something familiar - your Artist's biography! It's okay if you don't know what it all means. Just place your embed code beneath all of the text in this popup.



Now, if you visit that artist's page, you'll see your video beneath their description:


NOTE: If your video does not appear on your Artist's Profile page, you likely do not have it set up to display an artist's biography. This article will show you how to display the information from the biography field.

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