Widgets / Snippets

How to add artists to your website and customize their layout using widgets

Quickly and easily add to your page to display your artists and their work

An Artist Page displays profile images of different artists whose works are opted into your website. By clicking on one of these images on your website, users will be led to an Artist Detail Page that displays all of that artist's works.

To create an Artist Page, either create a new page, picking the Artist option, or create a Custom Page and drag an Artist Block into the page (you can also do this with other already-existing Custom Pages):


Change the amount of columns artists are displayed in

To change the amount of columns your artists are displayed in on your site, hover over your Artist Block and click the Settings Button (blue cog button) that appears. Then, click the dropdown in the COLUMN COUNT field to pick the number of columns you would like your artist profiles to be displayed in.


Change your Artists Profiles from displaying in a grid to a slideshow

Artist Profiles can be displayed in an interactive Slideshow format rather than the default Grid format. Simply hover over the Artist Block and click the Settings Button. Next, click the dropdown in the LAYOUT field, and click the Slideshow option.