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How to remove an artist from your ArtCloud Website or the ArtCloud Marketplace

Remove an artist from your website without deleting their works

WARNING: ArtCloud heavily recommends against deleting data of any kind. This is because it is much easier to delete data than it is to recover it. Do NOT delete an artist's pieces to remove them from your site. Recovery of data can be time-consuming, and is not guaranteed. If you have deleted pieces that you did not intend, contact us at

Removing an artist from your website is a very short process. An artist can be removed by Batch Editing all of their pieces to be opted out of your website. First, navigate to the ArtCloud Manager.


Next, enter the Inventory page. Search pieces by the artist in question, and hover over the checkbox just below the SEARCH BY bar. Click the Select All option that appears in the popup below to select all of that artist's pieces.


Next, click the APPLY dropdown in the top-right of the screen and click the Batch Edit option. Click on the Marketplace/Website tab, and then blue button under the WEBSITE VISIBILITY field. Finally, click the toggle next to Show this on your website to toggle the visibility on and off of all of the selected pieces, and click Save All Changes.


Now the artist (in this case, Salvador Dali) will no longer appear on your website.

NOTE: All pieces by the artist you are attempting to remove from your site must be opted out of your website to no longer appear on your site.