Page Templates

Use Page Templates to instantly generate Inventory, Artist, and Exhibition pages

Use Page Templates to control the way certain pages on your website are formatted.

With ArtCloud Websites, you'll want to use Page Templates to design the formatting of your Artist Profile Pages, Inventory Detail Pages, and Exhibition Detail Pages.

Rather than having to edit every single individual Artist Profile Page, Inventory Detail Page, or Exhibition Detail Page (of which there can be dozens or hundreds per gallery!), ArtCloud allows you to design the layout of each of these pages one time. Once the layout for a Page Template is designed, all of the other pages of that type will generate in the format that you created.

NOTE: There cannot be multiple page templates for each page type. For example, you cannot have a specific layout for one artist's profile page, and another layout for another artist's profile page. This ensures that, rather than having to create edit every single Artist Profile, Inventory Detail page and Exhibition Detail page, each one will be instantly generated upon creation.

To modify detail templates, first navigate to the ArtCloud Website Builder.


Next, navigate to the Page Templates page.


Hover over one of the Page Template types, and click the Edit button that appears.


Now, you'll be able to drag and drop Blocks to plan out the layout of your page.


NOTE: One important thing to note is that you’ll see the Page Template with a sample of your data, but that template will affect all pages of that kind.

How to customize specific Page Templates

To learn more about how to use the different types of Page Templates, select one of the articles below:

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