Campaigns - Pro+

Intro to Campaign creation with Campaign Blocks

Learn all about drag-and-drop blocks to create beautiful campaigns

So you've created your first Audience, decided on a tasteful background color, and and you're ready to start actually working on your Campaign! After adjusting your Campaign settings, you should be greeted with this screen:


In the case of your Campaign, in the place of Art Gallery will be your gallery's logo. What we're interested in is the bar to the right:

image2-2These are Campaign Blocks. Think of them like the building blocks that will help you build your Campaign. You can add a campaign block to your campaign by clicking and dragging one into your Campaign.


As you can see, multiple Campaign blocks can be dragged on top of or below eachother. You can also move or delete a Campaign block by clicking the the green dragging button, or delete a block by clicking the red X.


What kind of Campaign blocks are there?

As you can see in the examples above, you can add images and headings to your Campaigns. Other supported Campaign Block types are:




Buttons are particularly useful if you would like to hyperlink to other pages from your Campaign.

Horizontal Rules


These lines can be used to separate pieces content in your Campaign in a tasteful way.



These are large blocks of text that are typically used as titles.



Images can be added to your Campaign in two different ways. They can also be hyperlinked.



Use this block whenever you would like to add a block of text to your Campaign. Text can be 

hyperlinked and styled.



Inventory blocks allow you to add inventory of your choice from ArtCloud manager to your Campaign, as well as buttons that hyperlink them to their place on your website or in the ArtCloud Marketplace for purchase. There are two different ways to add images to your Campaign.

Image/Paragraph Combo 


These blocks are useful if you would like to add an image and have text wrap around it.

Preview the appearance of your Campaign

As you create or edit your campaign, you can click the eye at the top-right of the Campaign Editor to preview the appearance of your Campaign before sending.


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