Audiences - Pro+

How to create a list of recipients for your Campaigns with Audiences

Create a tailored list of recipients from your Contacts to send your campaigns to

Audiences are lists of contacts that Campaigns are sent out to. Audiences are required to send campaigns. To create an audience, first hover over the Marketing/Sales navigation item on the left side of your screen, and click the Audiences item underneath.



Upon arriving at the Audiences page, click the Add Audience button at the top-right of the screen.


On this screen, you can name your audience, see your Audience Count at the top-right of the screen, and an Add another filter... dropdown. By adding filters, you can reduce your audience down to specific contacts that fit specific criteria. Prior to adding any filters, the Audience Count represents the total number of contacts in your account.

NOTE: When you first start a campaign and have not applied filters, by default, all contacts in your account are a part of that campaign.


To start, we'll filter through contacts by Sales. This filter allows you to filter through contacts by the amount that they've spent with your gallery. To start, we'll name this audience "Mid-range Buyers", and filter by contacts that have spent at least $2,000 with our gallery.


Below our filters, we can now see that several contacts have populated a table.


Multiple filters can be added to narrow contacts down further. Next, we'll add a City filter to narrow our audience down to people that have spent at least $2,000 with our gallery that also live in the city of Atlanta.




Now, our Audience Count has dropped, because we are targeting a more specific audience.

NOTE: Features like Audiences are one of many reasons why address information for Contacts must be separated into their proper fields during the Contact Import process, rather than entering an entire address in one field.

Now, your Audience can be selected during Campaign creation.


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