Campaigns - Pro+

Set up your Campaign's mailing list, subject line, preview text, and more

Set up what email your recipients will be able to respond to, and what name is in the "Sender" field

When you begin creating your Campaign, you will first be greeted with this page:


Let's begin with the bar at the top of the screen.

Monitor your progress


The bar at the top of your screen in the center monitors your progress in making your Campaign. At present, you are in Step 1, which is setting up the details and appearance of your Campaign.

Duplicate or preview your Campaign


Clicking the Duplicate button creates a copy of your Campaign. It will have the same settings and content that your present Campaign does.

Clicking the Save button will save your progress, and will allow you to return to your Campaign later to edit it. Clicking the dropdown next to the save button will allow you to Save and Exit, or Exit without Saving.

Setting Campaign details


For this article, we we will focus on the function of the fields in the top-half of the Campaign page.

Campaign Name

First, you can set your Campaign Name. This is an internal value that your Campaign recipients will not see. It is what your Campaign will be called inside of ArtCloud, and what you will search to come back to it later.



Sets the Audience that this campaign will be sent out to. Learn how to create an Audience by clicking here.


Determines the subject line of your email.


Preview Text

Sets the preview text that users see. If it is too short to fill the width of the email subject line, it will begin showing the content of the email.


Display Name

This name is who appears to be the "sender" of the email.


From Email

This email is not only the email that is displayed on your Campaign as the origin of the Campaign (who the sender is), but when a Contact decides to reply to the Campaign, that response will go to this email.


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