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How do I create Email Templates?

Email Templates are form email responses that you can create once, and use again and again.

Email Templates help you speed up your 1-1 email follow-ups. There are many situations in which you may want to use Email Templates:

  • Responses to online inquiries
  • Price requests
  • Invoices that need to be paid
  • Payment plans
  • Following up with someone who stopped by the gallery
  • Shipping updates

To create a new template, simply head to the Email Templates page and look for the New Template button.

New Email Template

When creating your Email Template, you'll see several sections:

  • Name: internal name to jog your memory when viewing all your Email Templates
  • Staff: the creator of the Email Template, which will default to the user currently logged in; however, you will be able to use any other staff member's Email Templates, not just your own
  • Subject: the subject line that will be used with the Email Template
  • Body: the main body of the Email Template that will be inserted into an email

Next up: learn how to insert Email Templates into a new message!


Creating an Email Template

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