Edit your website navigation menu

Create a fantastic user experience for your website visitors with a clean and easy to understand navigation menu.

As you're setting up your new website, you'll want to think about its overall structure -- in other words, what pages and subpages should make up your website? When you're ready to edit your navigation menu, you can navigate to the ArtCloud Website Builder's Pages tab, and click on the Edit Navigation option in the top-right of the page.


You should now see a diagram similar to this one in your browser:


From here, modifying your navigation is pretty straightforward: By grabbing the blue handles to the left of the nav items, you can drag nav items around and change their order. By clicking the IN NAV checkbox to the right of the nav item, you can toggle the visibility of the navigation item in the navigation bar. 


NOTE: By making a navigation item not visible, you are not deleting the page, but simply hiding the navigation item, and the easiest means of accessing that page. Users can still enter a page that is not in navigation by typing the URL of that page into your browser.

Creating dropdown menus

There are two methods of creating Dropdown Menus in the website builder:

Method 1: Drag existing navigation items under eachother

You can create Dropdown Menus by dragging one item underneath another. It creates a dropdown menu with both items inside.


This setup:

img3-7Would look like this on your website:


Method 2: Clicking the ADD DROP DOWN option

In order to create a dropdown that does not maintain the same name as the navigation item on top, you can click the ADD DROP DOWN option next to the Edit Navigation header.


You can drag navigation items under this new dropdown item, which is only a navigation header and not an actual page. 

So this setup:


Would look like this on your website:

img7-2Navigation Menu Best Practices

1.) Recommended order of navigation

You may arrange your navigation items in the ways that best work for your gallery, but we typically recommend items be arranged in this order:

- Artwork

- Exhibitions

- Featured Artists

- Contact

2.) Keep length of navigation items short

We also recommend that you not make your navigation item names too long. This can mess with the way your navigation menu is formatted.

3.) Limit the amount of navigation items in your navigation menu

As you're thinking about the structure of your website, a best practice is to keep your main navigation menu fairly simple, with no more than 5-6 tabs.

Why? Remember that many of your website visitors will be on their smartphones or tablets, which have much smaller screens than a computer. It's not a great user experience to have to shuffle through a main navigation that is really long when you're on a small screen. It can be confusing for visitors and could cause them to leave your website prematurely if they get frustrated.