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How do I enable Virtual Install in the Marketplace or my ArtCloud website?

Virtually place artwork in any room and help your clients envision what a piece might look like on their wall!

Virtual Install allows potential buyers to get an idea of what a piece may look like in their home. There are two places that the Virtual Install feature can be used: In the Marketplace, and on your ArtCloud Website.

Follow along with this article to learn how to enable Virtual Install on the pieces in your ArtCloud Marketplace profile, and your ArtCloud website:

In the ArtCloud Marketplace

Thankfully, the ability for potential-buyers to use Virtual Install in the marketplace is enabled by default! To use Virtual Install in the Marketplace, navigate to an art piece, and click the Virtual Install button below the piece's featured image:


Doing so will open the Virtual Installation viewer, where users can pick a background image in which to place the art piece, simulating it being in a user's home!

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 5.35.43 PM

In ArtCloud Websites

NOTE: Virtual Install is only available with Pro+ Website subscriptions.

To enable Room Install in an ArtCloud website, you'll first need to navigate to the Website Builder side of ArtCloud.


Next, navigate to your Page Templates and enter the editing page of the Inventory Detail page template.


Once there, hover over the example inventory item (the inventory item widget) and click on the blue cog wheel that appears in the top-right corner of the widget. This will open a settings popup.

In this popup, you’ll see a few different options. Click on the Show Virtual Install toggle to enable potential buyers to use the Virtual Install feature. Be sure to hit the large blue SAVE button at the top-right of the screen.


NOTE: Your inventory items must be set to display in Page View rather than Modal View for the Virtual Install option to be visible. We have an article that outlines how to change this.

Review the GIF below to see the whole process in action: