Inventory Block Configuration

Display Inventory items in either a full Page or Modal (Popup)

Choose between two appealing options to display your artwork.

On the ArtCloud Website Builder, there are two ways to display individual inventory items: Pages, or Modals, also informally known as Popups.

What's the difference between displaying Inventory in a Page or a Modal?


With the Modal setting, artwork is displayed front-and-center, and a bit larger than it would be with the Page setting. The piece's details are displayed at the bottom of the modal.



Art pieces displayed in Pages leave a bit more information available to viewers. The Page setting will, for example, display Notes, but the Modal setting does not. The Notes will be displayed to the right of the inventory item on full screens.


How to change your settings:

You'll first need to navigate to the Website Builder side of ArtCloud:


Next, enter the editing page of the page that you would like to change:


Hover over an Inventory Widget that's been placed on your page, and you'll notice a blue cog wheel (the Settings button) appear in the top-left corner.


The following popup will appear. Click on the dropdown under the DETAILS DISPLAY field.


Here, you can choose the option of either displaying your work in a Modal or a Page.


Next, click the blue SAVE button in the top-right corner of the popup, and once exited from that, the blue SAVE button at the top-right of the screen.

NOTE: On the left side of the popup, below the ARTWORK TO PULL and WEBSITE ORDER options is a LAYOUT field. If either the GridWaterfall, or Horizontal checkboxes options are note chosen, the DETAILS DISPLAY field allowing you to choose a display type for Inventory items will not appear.

Decide if inventory items on Artist pages will be displayed in a Modal or Page

You may notice after changing the page Details Display settings in an Inventory Widget that when attempting to view pieces on an Artist page, the inventory items do not display the same as you set your widget to. To change the way Inventory items display on your Artist Profile pages, you can follow the same steps above, except in your Artist Profile Template. We have an article on how to use the Artist Profile Template and where to find it in this article.