Controlling your ArtCloud Marketplace presence

Edit your Marketplace profile, cover photo, and manage your visibility.

The ArtCloud Marketplace is a great way to increase the visibility of your gallery or artwork and expand your client base -- and it's free for ArtCloud users.

Manage your overall visibility in the Marketplace

You can control your visibility by opting your entire profile in or out. If you would like to remain visible on the marketplace but only want certain pieces to show up, you can also opt in or out certain pieces (see below).

To manage your overall marketplace presence, head over to your Account Settings tab and look for the Marketplace tab. Here, you can opt in or out of the marketplace by moving the toggle to either On (opt in) or Off (opt out).

NOTE: Your gallery/artist page/collector's page will not appear on the Marketplace unless the Company field in the General panel of your Settings page has been filled out.

This is also where you can manage your Marketplace cover photo and profile.


NOTE: Changes in your Marketplace profile typically take up to 6 hours to take place.