Artwork Record Overview

Manage information about individual editions

Each edition has it's own inventory record and is managed separately

When working with limited and unlimited editions, it's important to know that each edition created has its own inventory record -- this means that the information for each edition needs to be updated separately. Each edition set has a parent and sibling(s) record. However, when editing on a record, some information is shared and some is individual. If shared information is changed on a record, this will change on all sibling records.

The following information is shared across each record associated in the set:

- Tags

- Title of artwork

- Artist

- Date Created


The following information is individual to each record associated in the set:

- Height, Width, & Depth

- Signature

- Location

- Price

- Acquisition Date

- Inventory #

- Framing

- Notes / Private Notes


To manage the information for an individual edition, you can click on the See Siblings button in order to simply search for that edition in your inventory and edit it as you would an original inventory item. You can also add individual editions to pricelists, tearsheets, and other sales and marketing materials.

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