Artist Record - Profile

How to create a new Artist record

Create an artist contact, fill out their tags, and begin adding pieces to attribute to them.

Before you can begin adding Inventory, you'll have to create a Contact record that is different from the others. Contact records are for potential or current buyers or clients. Artist records are profiles that, once created, can have art pieces attributed to them.

To create an Artist record, click the Artists tab in the navigation on the left side of the screen, and the ADD ARTIST button in the top-right of that page.


This editing menu will appear:


Here, you'll notice several different tabs at the top of the menu, and different fields for you to fill in. For now, we're focusing on the Profile and Contact tabs. As you can see, in the Profile tab, we have two fields highlighted that are particularly important when creating your Artist records:


Tags, as previously mentioned while creating a Contact record, are particularly useful when artists need to be searched through. They are also very useful when organizing artists on your website if you have a subscription for ArtCloud's Website Builder. Be sure to add appropriate tabs, like the artist's country of origin, the genre of art that they create, etc.


This section covers information about the artist's life. Biographies are also pertinent to have when using the ArtCloud Website Builder, as they may appear on the artist's profile page.


In the contact tab, you'll be filling in all of the Artist's personal information, such as their Contact InformationAddress, and if relevant, the artist's Date of Birth and Death.