Campaigns - Pro+

How to change your logo in Campaigns

Control the way your logo appears in Campaign messages.

You now have full control over the way your logo appears in Campaigns by uploading a unique Campaign Logo file to use specifically for Campaigns.

NOTE: This new logo file will only be used in Campaigns, and will not affect any other collateral that uses your logo. 

The logo that appears at the top of your Campaign email will be the exact size and dimensions as the source file that you upload. So, before you upload the Campaign Logo, you'll want to crop or do any resizing to the image (outside of ArtCloud).

There are two places you can upload or change your Campaign Logo:

Method 1:

Navigate to your Account Settings.


Click the Configuration navigation item and the Campaigns tab. Here, you can add or change your logo by clicking the box at the bottom-left of the screen.


Method 2:

You can also change the Campaign Logo file directly in the Campaign Editor. First, navigate to Campaigns by hovering over the Marketing/Sales navigation item, and by clicking on the Campaigns subnavigation item. Next, click the ADD CAMPAIGN button.

On the Setup screen (the first part of creating a Campaign) the logo can be changed.


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