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Set an artist's SKU Prefix and Seed to instantly generate a SKU when inventory is created

Instantly generate unique SKUs for your Artists and inventory.

A SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique alpha-numeric code that can be used to identify Inventory items. A SKU can be manually entered into a piece of Inventory, but ArtCloud Manager has a built-in functionality that allows users to instantly generate a SKU for a particular artist when an inventory item is created and attributed to them.

What does a SKU look like?

Let's say that a gallery has several Salvador Dalí originals. A SKU for the first Salvador Dalí piece may be SD-1. The SD- indicates Mr. Dalí's initials - this is called the SKU's Prefix (A SKU's prefix does not have to be set to the artist's initials, of course). The 1 at the end of the SKU indicates the number of the inventory item that we've just entered (here, we've entered the first one). A SKU's Seed is the starting count of your automatically generated SKU's.

How to set an Artist's SKU Prefix and Seed

Navigate to an artist's profile, and click on the Contact tab.


Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you'll notice the Prefix and Seed fields.


Fill the fields with your preferred Prefix and Seed, and wait a few seconds for the blue save popup to appear to indicate that you've made a change.


From now on, all Inventory items created that are then attributed to your artist will have the corresponding SKU Prefix and be counted up from your SKU Seed.