Getting Started - Data Import

Inventory Migration Template

Make your inventory import process easier with ArtCloud's Inventory Migration Template

This helpful article covers the process of importing Inventory into ArtCloud in bulk. It also covers where to download ArtCloud's Inventory Import Template.The Inventory Import Template can be opened by any spreadsheet software that can open .CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, such as Microsoft ExcelGoogle Sheets(free), Numbers(by Apple), or Libre Office Calc.

NOTE: Your first migrations into ArtCloud should occur in the following order: Contacts -> Inventory -> Invoices.

The template works based on column names. Every row (AB, etc...) is an Inventory Record, and the intersecting columns are what field that cell will be populating. For example:

  title inventory_number SKU artist_first_name artist_last_name
A Marilyn 333 aw-100 Andy Warhol
B Wheatstacks 334 cm-001 Claude Monet

The first piece's title is Marilyn, and it's Inventory Number is 333. Its SKU is aw-100, and the artist is Andy Warhol. The second piece's title is Wheatstacks, and its Inventory Number is 334. Its SKU is cm-001, and the artist is Claude Monet.

NOTE: Fields can be left empty with no consequence, and you can include as many or as few pages as you please. Keep in mind that adding information to existing Inventory records after an import may result in a fee.

How do I import images with my inventory items?

Most fields can be left empty depending on how you would like to add images to your pieces. You may want to add the images to your pieces one by one on your own, depending on how many pieces are being uploaded. However, if you are importing several inventory items, the ArtCloud team can assist you. Contact us at before working on your import if you need assistance.

What if I have multiple editions of a piece?

If you have an artwork that has multiple editions, you'll need to create a row for each edition. You'll need to specify what the edition number of the piece is (1st edition, 3rd edition, etc.), and how many editions in the series exist using the edition_number, and the edition_count column. You may also want to set a unique sku for each edition, since they are 4 separate inventory items rather than copies of just one. The title of the piece should be kept the same. Below is an example of an artwork with four editions.

  title artist_first_name artist_last_name SKU edition_number edition_count
A The Ant M.C. Escher mce-01 1 4
B The Ant M.C. Escher mce-02 2 4
C The Ant M.C. Escher mce-03 3 4
D The Ant M.C. Escher mce-04 4 4

Inventory Import Template Key


Column Name Input Type Notes & Description
A title Text Input the title exactly as you’d like it to appear in ArtCloud Manager or on your ArtCloud Website.
B inventory_number Number The inventory number of your inventory item. Inventory numbers cannot contain any letters. ArtCloud will generate one if this field is left empty.
C SKU Alpha-numeric An alpha-numeric code that is unique to an inventory item. There cannot be duplicate SKUs. SKUs can be all numbers, all letters, or a mixture of both. ArtCloud will generate one if this field is left empty.
D edition_number Number The edition number of the piece.
E edition_count Number The total number of editions available (the denominator).
F artist_first_name Text The artist's first name.
G artist_last_name Text The artist's last name.
H price Number It doesn't matter whether or not you include dollar signs.
I price_override Text If you’d like to override the price on your ArtCloud website or on the ArtCloud Marketplace, indicate that in this field. Some examples: $2500-3000 or Sold Out
J purchased_price Number The amount you paid for a piece.
K create_date Text The date this piece was created. Typically this is in the format of YYYY, but it does not have to be.
L acquisition_date MM/DD/YYYY The date you became the owner of the piece.
M ownership Owned / Consigned Please input either Owned or Consigned, depending on the ownership type. If blank, ArtCloud will default to consigned for gallery accounts and owned for artist accounts.
N consignment_cost Number If an item is consigned to you, this is the amount or percentage you owe the consignor for the work. If blank, ArtCloud will default to 50% consignment for gallery accounts.
O consignment_cost_type Amount / Percentage Please input either Amount or Percentage, depending on the consignment type.
If blank, ArtCloud will default to 50% consignment for gallery accounts.
P medium Text The piece's medium. For example: photograph, oil on canvas, etc.
Q height Number The height of the piece. Supports up to 2 decimal places.
R width Number The width of the piece. Supports up to 2 decimal places.
S depth Number The depth of the piece. Supports up to 2 decimal places.
T units cm / in Please input either in for inches or cm for centimeters. This is the default unit you'll use, but ArtCloud offers alternate dimensions on tearsheets, pricelists, and other materials. If left blank, ArtCloud will default to inches.
U location Text If blank, ArtCloud will default to Gallery for gallery accounts and Studio for artist accounts.
V tags Text, separated by commas Keywords that a piece can be searched or filtered by. To add multiple tags, add a comma after a tag name. Example: flowers,impressionism,japanese
W notes Text A description of your art piece
X private_notes Text Information for in-gallery use only, or details about a piece that do not fit in other fields.
Y mounting Text Description of the item's mounting.
Z framed True / False Please input either True or False, depending on whether the item is framed.
If blank, ArtCloud will default to false (unframed).
AA frame_cost Number The cost of your piece's frame. Does not matter if you include dollar signs.
AB frame_height Number The height of your piece's frame. Supports up to 2 decimal spaces.
AC frame_width Number The width of your piece's frame. Supports up to 2 decimal spaces.
AD framer_name Text The framer of your piece
AE active True / False Marks whether or not a piece is active. If blank, ArtCloud will default to True (Active).
AF type Art or Merch Determines if an inventory item is Merchandise or Artwork. If blank, ArtCloud will default to Art.
AG quantity Number The field is only applicable for Merchandise
AH order Number If you have an ArtCloud website, this field determines the order of a piece on your website. Numbering starts from 1, and the higher the number the further down on the site. If blank, ArtCloud will default to 1.
AI mkt_opt True / False Determines the item's visibility on the ArtCloud Marketplace. If blank, ArtCloud will default to True, but you can override this in your account settings.
AJ created MM/DD/YYYY Internal database marker.
AK import_key Number A unique identifier for our database. You may leave this empty, as ArtCloud will generate one for you.