Opportunities - Pro+

How to add Inventory items to an existing Opportunity - Pro+

Add Inventory items to represent the value of an Opportunity

Please note: this is a Pro+ feature for both Artist and Gallery accounts. To see the subscription tiers and what each tier offers, please visit our Features pages: Artists Gallery.

If you'd like to learn about upgrading your account, please feel free to reach out to Support!

To add inventory items to an existing Opportunity, first navigate to an Opportunity Detail page. Next, click on the SHOW DETAILS button at the top of the opportunity.

show details

Potential Purchases section will appear. Click the + ADD POTENTIAL PURCHASES button.

add potential purchase

A popup will appear, allowing you to search the pieces that you would like to add to your opportunity. 

add art window

After you've chosen your pieces, they will appear in your opportunity.

three potential purchases

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