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Add videos to individual Artist Profile pages

Add videos and other media to individual Artist Profile pages with Media Posts

Video and other forms of media can be added to individual Artist Profile pages despite these being pages that are generated based on designs of Page Templates. You can accomplish this with Media Posts. 

NOTE: Before beginning this article, if you are not versed in what Page Templates are, we advise you read our introductory article on Page Templates

In this article, we will cover adding videos and other media to your individual Artist Profile pages. We will use the artist Andy Warhol as an example.
First, navigate to the ArtCloud Website Builder side of ArtCloud.
Next, hover your mouse over the Content tab, and click on the Media sub navigation item that appears under the Blog sub navigation item, and you will be taken to the Media panel. Here, you can click on the blue ADD NEW MEDIA POST button in the top-right of the screen.
Next, you’ll be navigated to this screen.
You’ll notice several different available fields. 

Media Title

The title of the media as it will be listed in your Media Panel. This title will not appear in your Media Block.

Publish Date

The date that your media has been published to your site.

Pro+ Linking

This section allows you to link the media that you are about to add to specific Artists, Artwork, and Exhibitions. You can link media to one or several of these types of records. In the case of this example, we are linking this Media Post to a particular artist, so we will use the ARTISTS text field.
For now, we will fill this page up with information on Andy Warhol.
Next, click the NEXT button at the top-right of all of your Media Post information.
Next, the following screen will appear.
Does this look familiar? Building media looks and operates just like creating website pages and Page Template pages. The blocks to the right of the page give options on how you would like your video and media to appear.
In this case, we will add the standard Video block. A giant video of a bunny should appear!
This is just a default placeholder video (a CGI-animated short Big Buck Bunny created by Sacha Goedegebure). To change this, hover over the video until a small, blue Edit Link button appears in the top-left side of the video.
Click this button, and a popup should appear.
Here, you can paste the URL of the video that you would like to appear in your Media Post. This URL can come from either Youtube or Vimeo.
Now, your video should appear in the place of Big Buck Bunny
If you are ready for this content to be visible, be sure to click the Published toggle at the top-right of your content, as well as the SAVE button at the top-right of the screen.

Adding your media to your Artist Profile page template

You may notice that if you visit the page that you’ve associated media with that it has not appeared yet! This is because you will need to drag a Media Block into your Artist Profile Template. This article walks through how to locate your Artist Profile Template.
When you are in the editing page for the Artist Profile Template, click on the Pro + tab just above all of your page blocks.
Locate the Media tab and drag that into the page where you would like your media to appear, and hit the large blue SAVE button in the top-right of the screen once you have.
In your template, it will appear like nothing is there.
But when you visit the page for the artist that you have created your content for, it will appear!
You will also notice that when you visit pages of artists without Media Posts associated with them, you will not find anything.