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How to add images to Campaigns

Learn how to insert and customize images in Campaign messages to create vibrant communications

NOTE:  Videos cannot be added to Campaigns, but images can be added and hyperlinked to videos!

In the Campaign Builder, there are two ways to insert images into your Campaign Messages. 

Method 1 - Images with editable dimensions

First, to insert an image, you can drag over an Image block to the Message area. You can add an image in the popup modal that appears.


You can also change the dimensions of the image once it's been uploaded in the same editing popup.


The Image with Text block works the same way, with a smaller image of pre-defined size.


Method 2 - Preset Image Size.

It is possible to add images inside of Text blocks. Begin by resizing the image to the size you want it to appear in the message before uploading it to ArtCloud. Next, drag the Text block to the Message Area. Once the Text block is in place, use the menu at the top of the block to insert your resized image. You can also control from this menu whether the image is centered, left, or right justified.  


NOTE: As you can see, by using this method, images will be added and be displayed as their exact file size. Any desired cropping will need to be done to the image before you upload it.

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