Contact Record - Interests

Tracking and adding to your contacts' artwork interests and artist interests

ArtCloud Contact Records keep track of what type of artwork and which artists your contacts are interested in, so you can reference that information later on.

In the Interests section of the Contact Record, you can track the type of artwork and which artists a given contact is interested in.



 On this screen, you are able to add Interests and Artist Interests.

What are Interests?

Interests are types of artwork that a user is interested in. You can specify that a user is interested in seascapes, for example, by adding an interest for this. Interests can be based on subject matter, time period, color, and several other factors. Interests can be added by typing in an interest in the interests field.


As you begin to type a new interest, previously used interests will be suggested in a dropdown below the interests field.


Interests can be deleted by clicking the to the right of the interest.

What are Artist Interests?

Artist interests are artists that a Contact has either purchased from previously (thereby expressing interest in that artist), or an artist that a Contact has expressed interest in verbally or through communication that you have added to their profile for future marketing efforts. Artist interests can be added by searching an artist in the searchbar under the ARTIST INTEREST section of the Interests tab.img5-20


After the interest in question has been searched and selected, click the ADD ARTIST INTEREST button. 

Viewing existing Artist Interests

As we previously covered, artist interests can either be made by you or your team, or can be created automatically when a piece is sold to your contact. Just below the search field for Artist Interests, all Artist Interests for your contact, and how much they have previously spent on them, is displayed here.


NOTE: All Artist Interests that have been added by you or your staff will automatically start at $0.00, since the Contact has not made any purchases from that artist (or they would have already been listed in their interests).

How do Interests and Artist Interests differ from tags?

Artwork Interests and Artist Interests are not to be treated the same way as tags. Tags are meant to be used to group contacts and pieces of inventory together. Artwork Interests and Artist Interests are great tools to search and filter Contacts by using the Friendly Blue Tornado.