How to sell more on the ArtCloud Marketplace

Best practices for selling more artwork on the ArtCloud Marketplace.

Keep your inventory current

As with any social platform, the more active you are, the more you're likely to show up in collectors' feeds. Regularly adding artwork, you regularly show in people's feeds on the ArtCloud Marketplace.

The ArtCloud Marketplace has no special algorithms that favor certain galleries or artists over others. The Marketplace defaults to show the newest works first when no filters are applied. Consistently adding new work is important so you don't get buried in the feed.

Multiple high quality images

You can add as many images of your artwork as you like. The first image associated with the work will be considered its "cover image" and will be the primary image representing that work on the Marketplace. Any images added after this cover image can be scrolled through by collectors. 

Images are extremely important on the Marketplace and, generally, the more the better. We suggest including images that highlight various views of the inventory, like hanging on a wall, in a modern setting, or a close up of the paint strokes. Feel free to be creative!

Be sure that each image is high resolution. While image quantity is important, the quality of the images matters too.

Enable the "Buy Now" button

Catching collectors in buying mode is much easier when they can quickly input their credit card and purchase a piece directly through the Marketplace. Enabling the "Buy Now" button gives them this opportunity. 

To enable the "Buy Now" button, you'll need to enable payment processing.

Stay connected

ArtCloud's Marketplace is a social marketplace! The more you connect, the more likely you are to engage with collectors who want to purchase artwork from you.

  • Follow other artists and galleries, especially when they follow you first
  • 'Like' artwork in the marketplace; 'liking' other people's artwork helps get your profile and artwork on their radars

Room View

Buying artwork can be difficult — especially before seeing it on a wall or in person. With the Room View feature, you can virtually place artwork in any room to see how it looks. It's great for Instagram posts and to share with interested buyers. Here's more information on how to use Room View.

Share on social media

You can share artwork from ArtCloud directly to Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.

We also suggest linking to various artworks in the bio of your Instagram account, enabling Instagram visitors to see and buy your art.