Your ArtCloud Dashboard

Navigating the ArtCloud Dashboard

Familiarize yourself with all of the useful functionalities your dashboard has to offer.

Your ArtCloud dashboard greets you as soon as you log into your ArtCloud account, and has several useful features to quickly get you up to speed with what has happened since your last login.


To-Do Section

This section shows recently created, upcoming, and overdue to-do list items. To-do's are a great way to remind yourself to follow up with prospective buyers, complete tasks, and ensure that employees have completed theirs as well. To create a to-do, click the blue button to the top right of the screen, above the to-do item listings.newToDo

Notifications Bar

Below the To-Do section is a handy Notifications Bar. The Notifications Bar can display all, or a certain type of notification.


Switching between ArtCloud Manager and ArtCloud Website Manager

You can switch between your ArtCloud Manager (which allows the creation of inventory items, contacts, invoices, etc.) and ArtCloud's Website Manager by clicking between the tabs at the top left of the screen.


Universal Search Bar

ArtCloud's Gallery management system has several search bars across different sections, but this particular search bar allows you to search all types of records in our system in one place.



There are 8 major navigation items (many of them with their own sub-navigation items) to access different functionalities of ArtCloud Manager:

  • Inventory – Create and manage inventory items and art pieces, be they originals, prints, or merchandise.
  • Artists – Create and manage Artists, their contact information, consignment percentage, artist profile, interested contacts and more.
  • Exhibitions – Create Exhibitions, set beginning and end dates, and determine the order that pieces are listed.
  • Invoices – Create and manage invoices, as well as the staff assigned to the sale and the invoice's status (Open, Closed, Pending, etc).
  • Marketing/Sales – Manage To-Do's, Opportunities, Email Templates, Audiences, and Campaigns.
  • Contacts – Create and manage contacts, their personal information, tags, and artist interests.
  • Analytics –View sales analytics, as well as commissions, consignments, and other financial information.

Quick Actions

Quick Actions can be found above To-Dos, and can be used to quickly create inventory items, collateral, and other records quickly from the Dashboard without navigating to their respective pages.


Account Information and Settings

At the bottom-left of the dashboard is a profile image along with a dropdown. Your account Settings can be accessed here, as well as the ArtCloud Knowledgebase.

accountSettingsLive Chat Support

To receive assistance or answers to any questions, you can contact ArtCloud support directly by clicking the blue chat-bubbles in the bottom right of the screen.

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