Searching for & Saving Records

How to properly search records in ArtCloud

Search ArtCloud records to check for duplicates and existing Artists, Inventory, Contacts, and so-on.

When searching files in ArtCloud, users should not just type in a name and hit search. We recommend that users type in the first few letters of a name slowly, as this causes suggestions for whatever record you are looking for to appear. For example, I am going to search for our Contact Will Smith:


Notice how each time a letter or two was added, the search results narrowed. Users should then click one of the options that populate the dropdown below the searchbar.

NOTE: Notice that at the far right of each record, the record's type is displayed. This way, users can click on a record that is "Will Smith" the Name, "Will Smith" the Tag, and so-on.

Use advanced filters to search for records with the Friendly Blue Tornado

To filter your searches by fields like Artist NameTagLocation, etc., take a look at the following articles on the Friendly Blue Tornado:

- How to filter Inventory with the Friendly Blue Tornado

How to filter Contacts with the Friendly Blue Tornado

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