Data Migration

Migrate your data from galleryManager

How to export data out of galleryManager and into ArtCloud

At ArtCloud, we have importers that can easily mass-import your data from galleryManager versions 1.0 and 2.0.

The steps below will help you export your data out of the system and into an Excel format so that you can import it into ArtCloud.

Once you have your data exported please contact the ArtCloud data team at to complete the migration. 

FIRST: Create an Artwork Set

Step 1: Click Search & Sets
Step 2: Click Dynamic Set



SECOND: Selecting Works and Saving Set

Step 1: Select "Artworks" from the top-left drop-down menu (use this same drop-down to export a client set for ArtCloud import)
Step 2: Filer the works you would like to be included in your export. If you would like to include ALL works do not apply filters.
Step 3: Save Set



FINALLY: Exporting Set 

Step 1: Click "Saved Sets"
Step 2: Find and click the Title of your saved set
Step 3: Export Set
Step 4: Move all "Available Fields" to "Selected Fields" window
Step 5: Export To: Excel
Step 6: Export










Once you've exported your data, please contact the ArtCloud data team at to complete the migration.