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How to tell which recipients in Audiences have valid or invalid emails

Check for invalid or unsubscribed emails in your Audiences

After sending out a Campaign, you may notice a message like this one at the bottom of the final Campaign editing screen:


In our Audience Interested in Artist Lauren Adams, of the 5 Contacts in the Audience, only 2 of them are valid emails. How do we check our emails ahead of time before sending out a Campaign so this does not happen again?

Hover over the Marketing/Sales tab in the ArtCloud Manager tab and click on the Audiences sub-navigation item that appears. Find the Audience in question, and click on it to access the editing screen for that audience.

Scroll to the bottom of the editing screen, and you will notice a Subscribed column in the table containing the contacts in your Audience. 


Whenever your Campaign says that that only a portion of your Contacts are valid, only some of your Contacts are unsubscribed from your communications.

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