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How to filter Contacts with the Friendly Blue Tornado

Apply one or multiple filters to your Contact Records to see the data that you want

Individual Contact Records can be easily searched through ArtCloud, but one or multiple filters can be applied to find specific groups of records.

To help in your filtering endeavors, ArtCloud has the Friendly Blue Tornado!

img0You can find the Friendly Blue Tornado under the Contacts tab, to the right of the search bar at the top of the page.


After clicking on the Friendly Blue Tornado, you'll notice several different filters that can be applied to your searches. 

img2-26Click one of the filters, and you'll notice that the text in the search field to the left of the Tornado will change.


After applying the State filter, for example, the text in the search bar becomes Search states... . After searching a state, a filter will apply to your search to only find Contacts from that particular state.

Multiple filters can be applied to a search to narrow it down further. Below are contacts that have purchased at least $10,000 worth of inventory, and are in the state of Georgia.


Filter types

There are multiple filters available to find the Contacts that you need:

  • Name
  • Email
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Company
  • Private Notes
  • Subscribed
  • Tags
  • Origin
  • Staff
  • Artist Interest
  • Interests
  • Sales
  • Artist Purchase
  • Opportunity State
  • Opportunity Value
  • Date Entered

Special filters

Certain filters work differently than others. Some filters are straightforward like the State filter mentioned earlier. Select the filter from the dropdown under the Friendly Blue Tornado and type the state, city, etc. that you would like to filter your Contacts by. Some filters work a little differently.



After picking the Subscribed filter, you'll need to pick Yes or No from a dropdown.


img6-5This filter assists in sorting Contacts by the staff member that created the Contact Record.



With the Sales filter uses both a dropdown and a search bar. The dropdown has three options:

  • >= — Picking this option means you would like the results of your search to be less than or equal to whatever is typed into the Sales field
  • <= — Choosing this option means you would like the results of your search to be more than or equal to whatever is typed into the Sales field
  • = — Picking this option means you would like the results of your search to be exactly equal to whatever is typed into the Sales field

The dropdown option is picked first, and the amount is typed into the Sales field next to it.

Opportunity Stage


Contacts can be filtered by Opportunity Stage. This, like the Subscribed filter, must be chosen from a dropdown.

Opportunity Value


This filter works very similarly to the Sales filter. You can filter your Contacts by the worth of their potential Opportunity Value.

Date Entered


The Date Entered filter, which allows you to filter when a Contact has been entered into ArtCloud, also has two dropdowns. The first dropdown requires that you pick a time period around where the date that you are searching for lands. The options for this dropdown are:

  • After 
  • Before
  • Between

After the After and Before dropdown has been chosen, the second dropdown pulls up a date picker for you to pick a date.

The Between option pulls up three dropdowns rather than two. The Date dropdown still appears, but a Start and End date dropdown appears for you to pick two dates to find all Contacts that were created between two dates.


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