Artist Block Configuration

How to display artists by tags

Display only specific artists by tags, and make sections

We've covered how to add artists to your website, but you can also use multiple Artist Blocks to display specific artists on your website.

First, either create a new page, or pick an existing page, and drag an Artist Block into it.


Next, hover over your Artist Block and click on the blue button with the cog wheel (the Settings button) at the top-left of the corner of the block.


A popup will appear. Enter the tag that you would like to sort your artists by in the ARTIST TAG field in the top-left of the popup.


Now, our Artist Block will only display artists that have the tag in question.

For the sake of this article, we've created an International Artist example page to display artists that are from specific countries. We've added Header Blocks to be the titles of our sections for each country, and we've gone back to the artists' profiles and tagged our artists with their countries of origin, then changed settings of each of the three sections to display artists by the tags of different countries.


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