Campaigns - Pro+

How to add inventory to your Campaigns

Add inventory items that can be conveniently linked for immediate purchases

You can add Inventory items to a Campaign by clicking and dragging an Inventory block into your Campaign.



A popup will appear, allowing you to search by the same filters that you can search through Inventory items in the Inventory tab. Check the box next to each item that you would like included in your Campaign, and press the Add Artworks button at the top right of the popup window.


As you can see, the number of columns in which inventory items are displayed can also be controlled. 

You can also set the Link Type. This setting decides where the links to each button will send users. Options are Website, which will send users to a purchasing page on your website,  ArtCloud Marketplace, which will link to the piece's ArtCloud Marketplace page for purchase, and No Hyperlink, which allows you to set custom hyperlinks.

NOTE: Once artwork has been added to an Inventory Block, it cannot be changed. To make changes, you will need to delete your Inventory Block and add your inventory items again.

Manually setting inventory hyperlinks and changing button text

The hyperlink to a button can be changed manually by hovering over an individual inventory item...


... and clicking the Edit Link button.

Additionally, the text inside of the hyperlinked button can be changed, as well as whether or not clicking the button opens up a new page for the user to purchase the piece on, or if the page the user is presently on is navigated to the purchase page.



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