Campaigns - Pro+

How to add links to text and images

Hyperlink text and images in your Campaigns

Hyperlinks allow your content to link readers of your Campaigns to other places on the internet. In the Campaign Builder, you can hyperlink both images and text.

Hyperlinking Images

To hyperlink an image, hover over any image and click the red button with a chainlink.

img1-4A popup will appear, allowing you to change a few settings.


The main settings to focus on are the Title field, the Link field, and the Target field.

Title - The text that will appear in a tooltip whenever your link is hovered over.

Link - The URL or web address that your hyperlinked item will take your recipients to once it is clicked.

Target - Checking the box next to New Window allows your hyperlink to open a new tab, rather than taking your user away from the page that they're currently on.

Hyperlinking Text

To hyperlink text, click on a text box, and a formatting bar should appear at the top of your screen:


Click the chainlink icon, and the same popup from earlier will appear, allowing you to change yor link settings for the text that you are hyperlinking.

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