How to use Virtual Install on mobile devices

Virtually place artwork in any room with the ArtCloud mobile app, and help your clients envision what a piece might look like on their wall.

NOTE: This feature was previously known as Room View.

Buying artwork can be difficult — it's hard for many people to look at an image of an artwork and envision it in their living room or bedroom. With the Virtual Install feature, you can virtually place artwork in any room to see how it looks.


Step 1: Download the app

The Virtual Install feature is available both through the free ArtCloud app offered for both iOS and Android, and online through the desktop app as a Website Pro+ feature. You can download them here:

Step 2: Choose the artwork

Once you've chose the piece of artwork you want to virtually install, select the "Virtual Install" button underneath the artwork image.

Select Room View on the ArtCloud Mobile App


Step 3: Upload your own image, choose a stock photo, or place the piece on the wall in front of you

Most people choose to use Virtual Install with their own image or one they receive from a client; you can select the image from your photo library on your phone.

Alternatively, you can choose a stock photo or even place the piece on the wall in front of you by selecting the camera option.

Select an Image for Room View