Set your website live

You've got your website all set up, now it's time to go live on the Internet!

Once you've gotten your website set up, you'll want to set it live. First, you'll need to navigate to the Website Builder side of ArtCloud, and navigate to the Settings tab.



Next, you'll need to access your account with your Domain Provider (who you purchased your domain from - GoDaddy, Network Solutions, BlueHost, etc.) and update your A Record to the number populating this spot (this number may differ in your own Settings panel).


If you need help finding out where your A Record is, these guides instruct you where to find them in common URL providers:

- GoDaddy

- Network Solutions

- HostGator

- BlueHost

- NameCheap

Finally, once your A Record has been changed, enter your website's URL into the SITE URL field.


TIP: When changing your A Record it can take a few minutes to up to 24 hrs for your URL/.com address to point to your new site. If you want to double check when your DNS is using your new A Record (that is, when your site is active) you can type your URL into this handy site