Inventory Block Configuration

Visually represent an Inventory item's status with Status Indicator Dots

Use colorful dots to identify which pieces have Inactive or Sold status.

Users can indicate the status of items using colored Status Indication Dots in either individual inventory widgets or on Artist Profile Templates.

To add Status Indicator Dots to your website, navigate to a page with an Inventory Widget and hover over your widget. Doing so will reveal a set of buttons in the top-left corner of the widget. Click the blue cog wheel button.

A popup will appear. To toggle that you would like status indicators to be added to the widget, click the Show status indicators? toggle at the bottom of the popup:

Two fields will appear below the toggle:

These fields allow users to pick a color that will indicate whether or not the item has Sold status or Inactive status. Be sure to click the big blue Save button at the top-right of the screen before navigating back to your website.


NOTE: If you need help using the color-picker, we have an article on picking colors here.