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1/4/20 Updates to Email: Cc, Bcc + More!

We're paving the way for more email functionality in ArtCloud.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 9.54.09 AM

As often requested, ArtCloud email now has the ability to add Cc and Bcc recipients. You can find the buttons to add these fields on the right hand side of your message modal: 

Changes to note:

  1. Previously, emails sent to multiple recipients in the To: field resulted in separate emails being sent to each recipient similar to how a Bcc behaves. Now, sending to multiple recipients in the To: field will mean those recipients will see other recipients on the email. To utilize the system as it was before, where recipients don't see each others emails, we recommend primarily using the Campaigns feature or adding recipients via the BCC field.
  2. Users who are not using our email integration previously were automatically sent Bcc emails to their primary email account when they sent messages through ArtCloud. Now you will see your own email added to the Bcc line of the email, which you can choose to keep or delete on each email.
  3. When incoming messages are sent to a specific users, or when incoming Inquiries are sent to the primary account email address, if an user not on the original email thread replies to that message, it will be sent "from" the same email address it was sent to, not the user that is logged in and writing the message. The secondary user can add their email address to the CC line to add them to the thread going forward, after which point they can reply from their own email address.  
  4. If you add new email addresses via the TO:, CC: or BCC: fields, for contacts that are not in ArtCloud, you will be prompted to create new contacts as the email is being created.