Analytics Overview

Intro to the Analytics Panel

View and generate sales, commission, and inventory reports.

The Analytics Panel can be found in the ArtCloud Manager side of ArtCloud. The Analytics Panel can be used to view and generate various types of sales, commission, payment, and inventory reports. The Analytics Panel tracks the following metrics:

- Overview - A general dashboard that keeps track of multiple analytics (Bottom Line, New vs Returning, Sales by Location, etc.).

- Sales Over Time - Sales revenue over a set period of time.

- Payments - Individual payments and refunds of client purchases.

- Taxes - Individual sales revenue and taxes on invoices.

- Layaway - Net paid, Grand Total, and Balances Owed on Layaway purchases.

- On Approval - The status, invoice, and companies associated with Inventory items that are On Approval.

- Top Contacts - A gallery/artist’s highest-value customers.

- Consignment - Consignment fees, expenses, and associated invoices.

- Artist/Consigner Payments - Logs of payments to Artists and Consignors.

- Sales By Artist - Sales information and amounts by particular artists.

- Commission - Commission percentages for individual employees.

- Stripe Dashboard - A gateway to Stripe account information and payout amounts.

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