How to pick colors in ArtCloud

Learn about Hex Codes and RGB values.

Across ArtCloud, there are several places where custom colors can be entered, such as the header, footer, and body text of the ArtCloud Website Builder, and the headers and footers of Campaign emails. When clicking on a dropdown below an option to pick a color, a color-picker appears:

Here, you can either pick your color by clicking a color square in our built-in color-picker, enter your own custom Hex Code, or a custom RGB Value. Once you've picked a color, you can use the bar at the bottom of the popup to adjust the shade of your color choice.

So what is a Hex Code?

Hex Codes or Hexadecimal Values are often used in graphic design, web development, and countless other media to represent a specific color value. They are typically preceded by a hashtag and have 3 or 6 numbers or letters. For example: #FFFFFF is the Hex Code for white, and #000000 is the Hex Code for black.

What is an RGB Value?

RGB Values are, like Hex Codes, used in graphic design, web development, and other media to represent a specific color value. Unlike Hex Codes, RGB values use 3 number values to pick a color. RGB stands for RedBlue, and Green, and the three number values determine how much red, blue, or green is added to your resulting color. Individual RGB values can be set anywhere between 0 and 255. 

How do I know what Hex Code or RBG Value is the color that I want?

Using this link, you can use a visual color-picker to pick what colors you would like for your Campaign, and the picker will give back the corresponding Hex Code or RGB Value. You can enter either Hex Code or RGB Value into the drop down menu of your color picker.


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