Subscription Management

How to Manage or Change your Subscription Payment Information

Change or update your payment information for your ArtCloud subscription

If you'd like to change your credit card payment information used to pay for your ArtCloud account, you can do so through your Account Settings. This is found by clicking on your profile information at the bottom-left of the page, then on Account Settings.


Next, you'll want to navigate to your Subscription tab, which will show you what Subscription tier you're currently at. 

* If you've been trialing either Manager Pro, Manager Pro+, Website Pro, or Website Pro+, this subscription tier will be automatically be selected on this page. However, when your trial period has run out, you will be prompted to return to this page to select your subscription tier of choice and enter your payment information. *


Once on your Subscription page, you'll be able to add or change your credit card information by clicking on the EDIT PAYMENT METHOD button on the top right side of the screen. Once you click this button, a Billing Payment Method pop-up will appear, prompting you to either enter or alter your payment information.

We do not permit for multiple payment methods to be saved to an ArtCloud account.






Once SAVE is hit, your information will be saved and associated with your account.