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Subscription Tiers & Types
How do I change or update my subscription type?
How do I change or update my payment method for my ArtCloud account?
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How many locations do I have on my subscription?
How can I adjust my Pro Plus monthly Campaign Email amount?

Subscription Tiers & Types

There are six types of subscription tiers for Artist and Gallery accounts.

Manager - Basic, Pro, & Pro Plus
Website - Basic, Pro, & Pro Plus

There are two subscription types: Monthly & Annual

ArtCloud is flexible for your needs! If you'd like to have your subscription charged on a monthly basis, you can choose this method, but if you're consistently using ArtCloud, we highly recommend enrolling in an Annual subscription plan.

With Annual plans, you can save 10% on your subscription fees!

Please note: Website subscriptions require a Manager subscription.

*If you've been trialing either Manager Pro, Manager Pro+, Website Pro, or Website Pro+, this subscription tier will be automatically be selected on this page. However, when your trial period has run out, you will be prompted to return to this page to select your subscription tier of choice and enter your payment information.*

Updating Subscription Type

If you're looking to update or upgrade your subscription type, you can do so from your Subscription page. 

Once on your Subscription page, you can click on the subscription tier(s) you want to adjust your account to, and you'll see the new tiers selected in black. In order to confirm the change, you will need to select the blue UPDATE SUBSCRIPTION button that appears on the top and bottom of your tier sections:

When making adjustments to your Subscription tier, you will see an Estimated amount update on your page:

Please note, this is based on an estimation of retail pricing. This does not include discounts, credits, prorations, or grandfathered amounts:

Please note: If you update your subscription type in platform, you will be charged the difference of the new subscription amount prorated for the remaining time in your billing cycle immediately.

If you downgrade your subscription type in platform or remove add-ons, the difference of the new subscription amount and the new one will be prorated for the remaining time in your billing cycle and applied as a credit to your next month's or annual subscription invoice.

For more assistance on this, please feel free to reach out to Support at

If you'd like to change your credit card payment information used to pay for your ArtCloud account, you can do so through your Account Settings. This is found by clicking on your profile information at the bottom-left of the page, then on Account Settings.


Next, you'll want to navigate to your Subscription tab, which will show you what Subscription tier you're currently at. 

Once on your Subscription page, you'll be able to add or change your credit card information by clicking on the EDIT PAYMENT METHOD button on the top right side of the screen. Once you click this button, a Billing Payment Method pop-up will appear, prompting you to either enter or alter your payment information.

We do not permit for multiple payment methods to be saved to an ArtCloud account.

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 11.48.01 AM




Once SAVE is hit, your information will be saved and associated with your account.

Add Ons

You can see your Staff and Location count at the bottom of your Subscription page:

With each Subscription, the main account has 2 staff accounts included (this includes the main gallery account as 1). Each additional staff account is billed at $29/mo. You can learn more about staff accounts and adding staff here.

Similarly, with an ArtCloud account, 1 location is included, but any additional locations are billed at $100/mo. You can learn more about adding locations here.

Monthly Campaign Email Allotment

Pro Plus users have access to sending and building Campaigns. ArtCloud automatically provides a base 10,000 email allotment for each month, but if you are sending more than this amount, we recommend moving to a higher campaign email tier. You can do so at the bottom of your Subscription page.

Here are the various tiers and the monthly cost associated:

If you're looking to increase your Campaign Email count, please select one of the options from the dropdown and make sure to select the blue Update Subscription to enable the change: