Inventory Block Configuration

How to hide artwork prices on your website

Toggle the prices on your ArtCloud website on and off.

Some galleries and artists prefer to not display the prices of their pieces until they receive an inquiry. There are two places to hide the prices of art pieces on your website.

Inventory blocks

While editing a page, hover over an Inventory Block and click on the blue cog wheel that appears in the top-left side of the block.


A popup will appear - this popup displays the settings of your inventory block. At the bottom is a toggle labeled Show artwork prices? This toggle will hide the prices of the art pieces in the particular inventory block that you are modifying.


Artist Profile Templates

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Profile Templates, we recommend you read our articles on Profile Templates and Artist Profile Templates first.

Turning off inventory prices in the Artist Profile Template differs from the previous method in that if this option is toggled, prices on all inventory items in all generated Artist Profile pages will be hidden.

Navigate to the Artist Profile Templateediting page, and hover over the inventory block there. Next, click on the blue cog wheel button that appears, just as we did in Method 1. A popup will appear:


Again, we can click the Show artwork prices? toggle to turn prices off of inventory items.