Inventory Block Configuration

How to display Merchandise, Artwork, or both on your website

Show or hide Merchandise or Artwork on your website.

By default, Inventory Blocks in Custom Pages and Artist Profile Templates are set to display only Artwork. For those that would like to display only Merchandise or both Artwork and Merchandise, this is possible in two ways:

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Page Templates, we advise you read our articles on Page Templates, and modifying the Artist Profile page template.

Displaying Merchandise in Inventory Blocks on Custom Pages

To set an Inventory Block's settings to display Merchandise, enter the editing screen of a particular page, and hover over the inventory block in question. A set of buttons will appear at the top-left of the widget. Click the blue settings button (cog wheel).


A popup menu will appear with the settings for that inventory block.


Click on the Artwork Type dropdown, and click the Merchandise button to display only Merchandise, or click the All option to display both Merchandise and Artwork.


Click the Save button at the top-right corner of the popup.

Display Merchandise in Artist Profiles

To display Merchandise in all generated Artist Profiles, enter the editing page of the Artist Profile Template, and follow the same steps as above in any Inventory Blocks.