Audiences - Pro+

Filter Campaign Audiences by location

Learn to filter your Campaign Audiences by City, State, Zip, and Country.

Our introductory article on Audiences discusses filters, and how they can be used to narrow down who you would like to receive your Campaigns. Campaigns can be sorted by several location filters.

As an example, we will add a Country filter to our Audience.

First, begin by starting on a new Audience, as outlined in our previous article. Then, click the Add another filter... dropdown.


This dropdown will reveal several filtering options for your audience. Under the Geography section of filters, we want to click the Country option.


Now, a Country field appears in our Audience editing window. 


To the right of the Country dropdown (this will allow you to change your filter), enter the country that you would like to filter your Audience by. Finally, click the blue SAVE button to the right of the filter.


This process can be repeated with any of the filters in the Geography section of filters.

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