Artist Record - Payments

Edit or delete Artist Payments

Edit or delete payments within Artist Profiles

ArtCloud allows users to log of payments made to Artists for the sale of their pieces. It is also possible to edit or delete these payments once they’ve been made.

NOTE: It is important to note that ArtCloud allows users to log artist payments, not process them. This means that it can be used as a tool to keep track or take note of what what payments are made to artists, but money cannot be sent to artists through the platform. This differs from, say, Invoices, which can be processed through the platform.

To edit an artist’s payments, navigate to the Artists panel in the ArtCloud Manager side of ArtCloud.


Click on the Artist Record that you would like to modify, and an Artist Detail page will appear. Notice the Payments tab.


Once you’ve navigated into the Payments tab, if you’ve made payments to an artist, you’ll find them all here, listed under the sales that the payments are linked to. To the left of each payment, there is a blue SHOW button.


Click this button to show payments for a particular sale, including the date that they’ve been made, the amount of the payment, and notes for each payment. Hover over one of these fields, and a red trashcan and blue pencil icon will appear.



To delete a payment, click the red trashcan icon. A prompt will appear, asking if you are sure that you would like to delete the payment.


To edit a payment, click the blue pencil, and a popup will appear, prompting you to modify the payment’s date, amount, and notes.