Create and edit social media links in your Campaign footer

Give your recipients a complete view of your online presence

With Pro +, you can add social media links at the bottom of your Campaigns. You can do so by accessing your Settings:


... clicking the Configuration navigation item, and navigating to the Campaigns nav item.


Here, you can see icons for several social media platforms. In the fields next to them, you'll can enter the URL or web address of your profiles on these sites. In your Campaign, a ribbon of these icons should appear in the footer.


Deleting social media icons from your footer

Only social media profiles that are not left empty will show up in your Campaign. If you would like to remove a social media icon button, simply delete the URL for the corresponding social media platform from your Settings.

Supported social media platforms

The following social media platforms are supported for Campaign footer icons:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

- Pinterest

- Artsy

- Artnet

- 1st Dibs

- Houzz

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