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Add videos and other media to page templates on your website with Media Posts

Add videos and other forms of media to individual Artist Profile pages, Inventory Detail pages and Exhibitions Detail pages

Video and other forms of media can be added to individual Artist Profile pages, Inventory Detail pages, and Exhibition Detail Pages by integrating Media Posts into your  Page Templates. 

NOTE: Before beginning this article, if you are not versed in what Page Templates are, we advise you read our introductory article on Page Templates.

 What are Media Posts?
Media Posts are individual pages of embedded media (videos, etc) that you can design for specific Artists, Inventory items, and Exhibitions. We see them in several use cases, such as documentaries and informational videos on artists, time-lapses of creation of a work, videos of moving or auditory installations for individual inventory items, and promotional videos for Exhibitions.
When you are ready to add your Media Post to a page, you can access the Media block under the Pro+ tab when designing a Page Template and add it to your page. 
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.27.59 PM
Now, when a page template page is generated, if there is a Media Post for that particular page (as tagged with Pro+ tagging for that Artist, Inventory or Exhibition), it will appear in the spot it was placed in the Page Template. If that particular Artist, Inventory Item, or Exhibition has no Media Post, no media will appear.

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