Completing a Marketplace Purchase

How to complete a marketplace purchase

While all users opted onto the artcloud marketplace can receive inquiries alike, only those who have Stripe processing enabled can directly sell to collectors on the marketplace via the "Buy Now" button.

When a collector initiates a purchase they are prompted to fill out necessary contact, billing, and payment information to complete the process. Once complete, you will receive an artcloud notification of the purchase and will need to log in to complete the payment. 


Once I receive the purchase notification what do I do?

Once you have received the purchase notification, you need to log in and confirm the purchase before the payment is processed. To confirm, log in and head to the Invoices tab. Here, you will see an Open invoice matching that of the marketplace purchase. Review the information on the invoice and click the "Add Payment" button at the bottom of the invoice. You will see that their card information is populated within the Payment Type field. Once ready, click "Apply Payment" to process the order. Now the payment has been processed!

What's Next?

Now that the marketpalce purchase has been completed, you can coordinate with the seller about shipping and send them a copy of the invoice.