Import your inventory into artcloud

Too much inventory to add one at a time? No problem, you can also import your inventory data from a spreadsheet

Sometimes it makes sense to add inventory one item at a time, but if you're new to artcloud, you may want to import your inventory through a CSV upload. You also have the option to migrate your data from another system.

Importing inventory data

To import your data, head over the Inventory tab and hit the Import button.


From there, select Inventory from the Import drop-down menu.


You'll then see a pop-up box prompting you to choose a CSV file; be sure to download the import template first so that your data can be properly imported into artcloud.


What about importing the artwork images?

Although you can't import your artwork images with a CSV file, the artcloud data team can help. Once you've uploaded your file, contact and we'll help you import the images (this service is only available for paying, active subscriptions).