Add inventory to your artcloud database

One of artcloud's main jobs is to manage your art inventory in a seamless, easy to use way

You can start adding inventory to your artcloud database in a few simple steps. This article shows you how to add artwork one by one; you can also import your inventoryor migrate it from another system.

If you're new to artcloud, just follow the prompt in the Inventory section of your account. You can also click on the Add New Inventory button.


You'll notice right away that artcloud stores rich data about your inventory -- you can then use that data to inform outreach efforts to your clients and run in-depth reports on the state of your business. The more data you add, the better artcloud works on your behalf.

artcloud will highlight in blue some of the key pieces of information you want to add about your inventory, such as a photo, title, artist, medium, etc. You'll also want to decide whether or not to show the item on your artcloud website.


Further down, you can add even more data, including price, acquisition date, any tags you want to associate with the item, as well as public and private notes.

Finally, be sure to select whether or not the item is active in your inventory.