Create artist records

Gallery accounts can create records for each artist to keep track of their sales, payments, followers, and more

This article explains how to add artists records to your account one at a time. You can also create multiple artist records at once when you import your inventory, or migrate your data to artcloud from another system.

Note: if you have an artist account, you will not see an Artists tab in artcloud.

If you're new to artcloud, just follow the prompt in the Artists tab or look for the Add Artist button.


Just as artcloud allows you to include rich data about your clients and contacts, it also stores a lot of information about artists. From tracking sales and payments to keeping tabs on an artists' followers, The more data you add about your artists, the better artcloud works on your behalf by matching your clients with artwork they may be interested in.

What kind of information can you add to your artist records?

  • Name, email, contact information, and artist bio
  • Consignment agreements and payment history
  • Sales records and associated invoices
  • The artist's followers on the artcloud Marketplace
  • Any tags you want to associate with the artist