Add contacts to your artcloud database

Keep track of your clients' contact information, purchase history, and interests

Add contacts to your artcloud database in a few simple steps. This article shows you how to add contacts one by one; you can also import your contact list or migrate your data from another system.

If you're new to artcloud, just follow the prompt in the Contacts section of your account. You can also click on the Add Contact button at any time.


Just like artcloud stores rich data about your inventory, it also stores a lot of information about your contacts and clients. The more information you add, the better artcloud works on your behalf by suggesting artwork your clients may be interested in and segmenting your clients according to various characteristics.

What kind of information can you add to your contact records?

You'll also be able to see the total sales for that client and any invoices associated with them.


Next up: learn how to use the owner and origin fields on client records.