Give your clients a virtual experience with gallery exhibitions

Make your gallery exhibitions more impactful by adding a virtual component

In 2018, you can't rely solely on foot traffic to your gallery - the same is true of exhibitions. People are busy and even if they want to attend your next show, they simply may not be able to. Or what about your clients who live on the other side of the country?
A virtual element makes your exhibitions more impactful
You can make your exhibitions more impactful through artcloud's Exhibitionsfunctionality, adding a virtual element to complement the in-person experience.
Some of the benefits of providing clients with the opportunity to virtually experience or preview an exhibition:

  • increase your ROI on the show by getting more eyes on the pieces available for sale
  • strengthen the client's relationship with your gallery by getting them more involved in what's going on, even if they don't live nearby
  • demonstrate that your gallery is keeping up with the times and embracing technology to connect people with great artwork (especially true for your younger, iPhone-X loving clientele!)

Note: you need to be opted in to the Marketplace to use the Exhibitions functionality. As a bonus, collectors from all over the world will be able to virtually experience your exhibition and all the artwork from the Shows section of the artcloud Marketplace.
Step 1: Create an exhibition
To start, head to the Exhibition section and create a new exhibition.  Be sure to include a title, dates, a brief description, and a cover photo.


Step 2: Add artwork
Under the Artwork tab, add all the pieces that will be in the exhibition.
You can easily rearrange the order of the pieces, and later on use the list to generate wall tags, tearsheets, and other materials.


Step 3: Generate a shareable URL
Now that your exhibition has been created, be sure to copy the shareable URL so you can incorporate it into your marketing efforts.
From the Exhibitions list, click on the Actions menu and select Share. artcloud will then provide you with a URL where clients can virtually view the pieces.


Step 4: Link to the exhibition through your marketing channels
Now that you've got a URL, here are some ways you can use it:

  • Email newsletter: when introducing the exhibition in your next newsletter, link to the virtual view so clients can preview the pieces or have the opportunity to purchase work before (or after) the show opens
  • Social media: add posts to your social media accounts and include the link in your Instagram bio
  • Website: link to the exhibition from your website
  • Individual outreach: provide clients with the link when communicating with them one on one