Create a list of artwork in an exhibition

Use lists to get organized for your next exhibition and create the hardcopy and digital materials you need

Lists are a powerful and versatile tool, especially when you have an upcoming exhibition. Once you've created a list of the artwork in the exhibition, here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • print customized, branded wall tags
  • generate tearsheets and pricelists to send your clients before, during, and after the show
  • link to a virtual exhibition of the show where clients can interact with the artwork

Step 1: Create an exhibition

To create an exhibition, looks for the Exhibitions tab in your navigation bar and click on the Add Exhibition button.


Step 2: Set the title, dates, and description

Next, you'll want to set the title of the exhibition, the dates, and craft a brief description.


Step 3: Add the artwork in the exhibition

Now that you've got your exhibition list started, you'll want to add all the artwork in the show. Under the Artwork tab, look for the black Add Artworks button.


Step 4: Arrange the order of the artwork in the list

artcloud gives you a lot of control over the order of the pieces in your list. This article explains how to change the order of artwork in lists.

Step 5: Create sales and marketing materials

From wall tags and labels to tearsheets, pricelists, and virtual links, you now have everything you need all in one place.

To start creating look for the Actions menu in the top right of the list. From there, you can export, email or share a variety of materials, including a link to the virtual exhibition.


Next up: for your younger, more tech-savvy clients, give them a virtual experience with your exhibition!